Qiblatin Synergy Sdn. Bhd. Is currently active in Government contracts principally in Defence and Security plus associated support. It is focussing on growth in these sectors, whilst seriously evaluating opportunities to expand into commercial sectors. The Company acts as Consultant, Trading House or Commission Sales Agent, and is equally effective in any of these roles.

For more than 20 years, Qiblatin has carefully built up a portfolio of Partnerships and Agencies, in order to position itself to take best advantage of future business opportunities in the Defence and Security sectors. At the same time it is actively evaluating opportunities in various commercial sectors, to try and develop a better spread of business.


Qiblatin Synergy Sdn. Bhd was first registered, under the Malaysia Company Act 1965, on 25th September 1993. Since that time it has been engaged in trading business, principally selling to the Government of Malaysia.

Business Objective

The Company’s objectives are to achieve substantial, controlled growth, and to expand into Commercial sectors when suitable opportunities arise. This growth is to be achieved via successfully implementing all contracts awarded, coupled with sound financial management.

Unique Approach

The key to Qiblatin capability to expand in a difficult marketplace lies with the personalities brought together to secure new business. Qiblatin is capable of bringing experience to the ‘supply chain’, as well as a ‘customer viewpoint’, and strong experience of after-sales support.